Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a moment to read over the following information to familiarize yourself with our services. We want you to be completely satisfied with our unique mail-order service, so we've tried to think of any questions you may have before you place an order with us. Please review the following information prior to placing your first order, as most of your questions will be answered below.

I would like to visit your store - where is it located?

Sorry, we do not have a "brick & mortar" store that is open to the public -- we operate solely as a mail-order service at this time. But don't let that turn you away -- we've been serving Back to the Future fans all over the world since 1992 from right here in North Alabama, and we're confident that you'll be pleased with with what we have to offer you.

I have some questions about the items you offer - how can I contact someone?

You may call us at 1-855-HEY-MCFLY, but since we're a mail-order facility and our office hours vary daily, we're not always readily available by phone. The quickest method for a reply is by email since it is checked daily, but we will gladly return your phone call (U.S. & Canada only) if you leave a message on our voice mail. When no one is in the office, please leave a detailed description of the item(s) you are calling about, with your name, address and phone number where you can be reached. Please remember to speak clearly and spell any unusual names, streets, or cities so that we may get back in touch with you concerning your call. We will make every effort to contact you within 3 days of your call. International phone calls other than to Canada cannot be returned, and since other languages & dialects make it difficult to understand names & addresses, we strongly advise all international contact to be made by email. We receive numerous undecipherable voice messages that we cannot return, so please take this into consideration when phoning us. When contacting us by mail, please be sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) to ensure a written response.

I have called your phone number and nobody answered - when is the best time to reach someone?

Sorry, we do not have regular business hours. However, the best times to reach us by phone ( 1-855-HEY-MCFLY) is in the late afternoons/early evenings, or on weekends (Central Time Zone).

I would like to place an order - what payment methods do you accept?

We accept the following methods of payment:

  • Credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express & Discover) and electronic payments through PayPal.
  • Checks (U.S.), U.S. Money Orders, and International Money Orders.
  • Purchase Orders from approved corporate customers.

All orders must include full payment (including shipping & handling) before items will be shipped and payment must be in U.S. Dollars. Checks and money orders should be made payable to BTTF.COM and mailed to us at the address indicated below. All orders paid by check will be shipped after it has cleared your bank (5-7 business days). A $38.00 fee will be charged on all returned checks - no exceptions. Registered Mail seems to be the safest method for sending cash if you must do so. This is for your own protection, so please do not send cash unless you absolutely have no other alternative, and then proceed only at your own risk. We are not responsible for cash sent to us by mail if it is lost or stolen. Sorry, we do not handle C.O.D. transactions at this time.

I would like to place an order using my credit card, but I won't do it online - how can I order?

We will gladly take your credit card payment by phone, but we must request that you please first place your order online and indicate that your payment will be made by mail. This is to ensure accuracy of your order and to validate our on-hand inventory levels. In doing so, you will be assigned a unique order number and the items you wish to purchase will be temporarily reserved. Credit card orders may be phoned in to our office at 1-855-HEY-MCFLY. If no one is in the office at the time of your call, you may leave your credit card information on our voice mail. Please leave your name, Visa/MasterCard/Amex/Discover number, expiration date, security code, and the order number assigned to you when you placed the order online.

I live outside the U.S. - do you ship internationally?

Yes, we will ship anywhere in the world that DHL Express delivers to. Please note: we are not responsible for any additional foreign duties, taxes or tariffs which may be incurred through Customs in your country - you will be responsible for these costs should they occur. Sorry, but we also will not lower the value of your order on the customs form nor mark it as a "Gift" to save you these charges. This is an illegal practice which can result in seizure of your order by foreign customs officials. Customs forms will be filled out accurately and honestly. In addition to shipping fees, we charge a nominal handling fee to cover our materials and labor as it relates to packaging and preparing your items for shipment. This includes, but is not limited to, costs such as: boxes, packaging material such as foam peanuts, bubble wrap, packing tape, etc.

I do not like to purchase by mail - where can I buy these items in my local area?

Sorry, but we do not have that information. We focus on the items we make available to our customers, but do not make it our business as to whether any of these items can be purchased elsewhere. In some cases, we are the sole source for certain products. We are the only exclusive Back to the Future retailer in existence, specializing in old and new products. In many cases, the items we carry are long out-of-print and discontinued, and no longer available anywhere else. All other currently manufactured items are made available at the suggested retail price or below. We make every attempt possible at bringing you top quality merchandise & memorabilia at very affordable prices, so give us a try!

I do not have the money for the items I want to buy right now - can you hold them for me until I do?

Yes, but only for a very short time period. Since our inventory levels are tracked entirely online, we must insist that all orders be placed online, whether or not payment is being made electronically. Placing your order online ensures availability of the items you are interested in, and reserves them for you temporarily. If you find an item that you must have, we suggest that you place your order immediately. We will reserve items ordered online for up to 7 days for U.S. customers and 15 days for customers residing in other countries while we wait for receipt of your payment by mail. If full payment is not received within the reservation period, all items will be placed back into our stock and/or will be sold to the next customer on our waiting list. Items indicated as having low quantities or that are one-of-a-kind are offered on a first-come first-served basis. We reserve the right to refuse temporary reserves to customers who have neglected to send payment for previous orders, in which case the customer can still order the items by credit card or take their chances by sending in the order by mail in hopes that no other customer claims the desired items before the order reaches us.

I just placed an order - when will I receive it?

Since we're collectors too, we know how important your orders are and how eager you are to receive them. Items currently in stock are normally shipped within 2 to 3 business days after full payment has been received by us, so please allow at least 1 week for U.S. delivery (2-3 weeks elsewhere). Orders are frequently shipped in more than one package (especially when rolled posters are ordered), so please allow time for a second delivery to arrive.

I just received my order - can I return an item that doesn't meet my expectations?

Yes, merchandise purchased from us may be returned for a refund within 15 days from the date your order is shipped. Proof of purchase from us is required on all returns, and a 10% restocking fee will apply on all returns that are non-damaged. This includes errors made in ordering, such as mistaken sizes or video formats, etc. Sorry, refunds are not available on shipping & handling charges in either direction. Items returned must be in their original packaging and unopened to qualify as returnable product. NOTE: Under no circumstances will we replace items due to manufacturer imperfections in the item itself nor its packaging! We do not manufacture the items in our catalog, and though we try to carry only quality merchandise, we cannot accept responsibility for defects in items made by other companies, nor can we control delays or shortages caused by manufacturers and our distributors.

I just received my order and something was damaged during shipping - what do I do?

All packages are now automatically shipped insured on all U.S. orders, as well as on all foreign orders which qualify for insurance (this depends upon country of destination). We are not responsible for uninsured merchandise if lost or damaged during delivery, but if your order was shipped insured, we will work with you in filing a claim with the U.S. Postal Service for reimbursement of the value of your merchandise.

I would like a catalog of your merchandise - will you please send me one?

Sorry, we do not have a printed catalog. The items you find in our online store today reflects everything we have available at this time. Since many items are one-of-a-kind or of a limited nature, publishing a printed catalog would simply be impossible since our inventory levels & offerings change rapidly. You may elect to be added to our mailing list to receive occasional special offers from us by checking the appropriate box during the order checkout process. Let it be known that all information provided to us, including address, phone numbers, email addresses, credit cards, etc. are for our records only, and will never be sold or given to outside companies. We absolutely despise junk mail, unsolicited phone calls, and spam e-mail just as much as anyone, so rest assured that this information is kept strictly confidential.

I am looking for a particular item, but I don't see it in your catalog. Can I special order it through you?

It depends. Just email us and let us know what it is that you're looking for. Chances are, we either can get it or can direct you where you may find it as long as it's an officially licensed product. You will never find unlicensed or illegal replicas from us - we only carry officially licensed Back to the Future memorabilia & collectibles.

How much is shipping?

Our system is integrated with the U.S. Postal Service and will automatically generate you a shipping quote. Rates are based upon the total weight of the items you wish to purchase, the distance they must travel to be delivered, and how quickly you want them there. To receive a live postage quote, simply add the item(s) you wish to purchase to your cart, proceed to checkout, provide your delivery address, and you will be provided with a selection of multiple delivery rates to choose from.

I read something about "Free Shipping", but I'm still being charged for shipping. Why?

We currently offer free shipping on all orders which total $88.00 or more for U.S. Customers only which do not contain items on pre-order, manufacturer restricted items, or items being sold on consignment. If you are seeing a shipping fee, your order is not presently eligible for free shipping due to the location you're having it shipped to, the amount of your purchase price, or because your order contains at least one item that does not qualify for free shipping.